In the market for a new way to browse your games?

Introducing Index OS, the (unofficial!!) world-class custom Launcher built just for Playdate. Index is designed to replace your stock Launcher with something that does MORE, such as custom sorting, list view, and a whole plethora of other cool stuff.

Why choose Index?

Setup: Easy as pie.

You can get Index running right on your device just as easily as sideloading a game - no other tools necessary.

Game sorting? Simple!

Sort your games using a wide variety of built-in presets, or pick 'em up and re-arrange 'em any way you like! It's your call.

Custom folders? You got it!

Group your games together, any way you want 'em. Put your favorites in a special folder, sort out your unplayed backlog; all straight from the device.

Don't like it after all?

Turns out you're not a fan! You can always switch back to the stock Launcher, no problem. Repair, update, or uninstall Index as easily as initial setup.

But wait, there's more!

• See your time and battery right away!
• Customize features to your hearts' content
• Works in Card and List views!
• Switch back to the stock Launcher, anytime.
• View detailed game info in a snap!

So what are you waiting for?

  Download Now!!